<transcy>THE FRANKFURTER issue 04/20</transcy>
<transcy>THE FRANKFURTER issue 04/20</transcy>
Body Positivity: Invest in yourself
Diversity in Fashion
Sweetheart of the Orient
All About Fascination
Restaurant La Fleur
Classic Drive Instinct
Pink Pepper: Sensual Perfection
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In times like these ... we want to celebrate the best that Frankfurt and the world have to offer - zest for life, art and culture as well as a huge portion of optimism. With our winter edition you are holding a real collector's item in your hands, because we are proud to present you the first cover, drawn exclusively for us - a work by the Berlin illustrator Ekaterina Koroleva, who has thus created a sensual homage to fashion and beauty. The extent to which illustrations are currently booming in print and advertising is the subject of our cover story, for which we visited an illustrator agency that is one of the big players in the industry. Look forward to a photo series with great impulses!

What will 2021 be like? How are lifestyle and travel changing? Many people are currently concerned with such questions. We say - everything will be wonderful, maybe just a little different than before. It is good if you already know today how your own finances will look in the future and where we can track down safer, happy, yes, exciting travel moments with family and friends. Our experts provide you with well-founded assessments and also have a lot of tips. THE FRANKFURTER has big plans for 2021, because we still have a lot of "aces up our sleeves" - let yourself be surprised! Despite all the challenges, we wish you the best start to the year and of course enjoy reading!